Prepare for Emergencies the Smart Way!

Formulate an actionable emergency response plan for you and your loved ones and learn how to develop action steps as well as procure supplies and equipment in time of need.

Make hay while the sun shines...

Software & Articles for Emergency Response Planning

The Prep Smartz software and complimentary website were developed to support people who want to prepare for emergencies. The software application helps formulate an actionable emergency response plan. The website provides resources for developing action steps and procuring supplies and equipment.

It runs on Apple (Mac) and Windows operating systems.


If you expect a situation that may interrupt your drinkable water supply, you would likely have an action item (on your Prep Smart plan) to store drinkable water. To accomplish that action item you can research methods for determining the amount of water to store, techniques for storing water and other topics in the Prep Smartz Academy.

The Prep Smartz Storez provides links to vendors who can provide emergency equipment and supplies. For the example provided above, you could find vendors who offer water storage containers.

Many emergency management organizations advise making an emergency response plan. Prep Smartz and the complimentary website were developed to help people develop their plans.